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What does LegalCare mean to us?

LegalCare means ensuring our clients are well informed and aware of the need for legal advice in many situations. We strive to be accessible to our client’s and to respond to their needs with due expedience. 

We draw on our extensive commercial knowledge and legal  experience in assisting our client’s and we possess a well established support network of accounting, litigation and industry professionals that allow us to deal with almost any problem, transaction or idea our client’s may face or present to us.

LegalCare means empowering our client’s, giving them the confidence that they can refer matters to us knowing we have their best interests at heart. It also means building and maintaining a relationship with our client’s based on trust and competency.

Many of our client’s have interests in the following industries that we have assisted them with and continue to do so:

  • Advertising and Marketing

  • Business Investment

  • Construction

  • Import and Export

  • Information Technology

  • Manufacturing and Supply

  • Property Development

  • Service Industries

  • Software Distribution and Development

  • Sports Administration

  • Tourism

  • Transportation

"We have adopted the phrase LegalCare which we think sums up our commitment to our client’s interests, concerns and needs.


 Our aim is to always be personal, proactive and efficient in our services."